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My mother was a quilter.  Even when I was a kid, I was fascinated with the visual images created with her quilts.  Still today I am intrigued by quilts as works of art.  I like the way quilts bring together so many different multi colored pieces.  I like the organization of a quilt, and the way the eye can move across the patterns of colors and shapes. However, I cannot make a quilt. I can’t even sew two pieces of fabric together.

When my mother was in bad health and needed hours of care and attention,  I started to paint to help pass the hours of time.  It seemed so natural that these paintings reflect the influence of my mother.  I can’t make a quilt, but I can paint in a way that reflects that style, technique and content of a quilt.

To get started on a painting, I must first have some sort of vision or inspiration.  This vision could be about the organization and design of the painting, the use of color, a repetitive pattern, or a message that I wish to convey.

I work on masonite panels.  The rough draft drawing for the painting is accomplished with rulers, a compass, and other tools used by a draftsman.  The goal is to break up the surface and shapes into smaller and more intricate patterns.

Once the drawing is completed, heavy textures are created within all the shapes.  Often other materials such as cardboard are added to build up the surface.  I use modeling paste to create the textures and surface patterns.  The painting is finally sealed with gesso.

At long last, it’s time to paint.  The coloring process is original to each piece but very detailed.  Certain colors and certain values all will be painted in specific places.  The final painting will be a contrast of bright against dull, light against dark, or cool against warm colors.

About John:
My career in art was as an art teacher.  I worked for 42 years as a high school art teacher.  I retired in 2008.  Now my days are spent working in my studio.  I go to work every day to create.  I have been blessed to have my work displayed in a number of well known art shows and galleries.

When not in my studio, my days are spent working in my garden and cattle farm.  Spending time in my church is also very important to me.  No matter how busy I am, or what I have to accomplish, my family and grandchildren are of the greatest importance.

Thank you for viewing my paintings and website.  I hope you have enjoyed what I have done and created.  My real hope is that the feelings put into my art can be shared…

“I am Happy

“I am Thankful

“I Believe

“I Create

About John

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